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Following is a list of basic terminology to help you when deciding which flagpole is right for you:

Ball - A type of finial, a round ornament topping the flagpole. The diameter is usually the same as the butt diameter of the flagpole.
Butt Diameter - The diameter of the pole around the bottom.
Cam Cleat – A mechanism used to secure the halyard on an internal halyard flagpole.
Cleat – Often attached directly to the shaft, this is where the halyard is tied off after raising the flag.
Cleat Box – A box that houses the cleat and is lockable to deter theft or vandalism.
Finial – The ball, eagle or cross that sits atop the truck or pole cap for decorative purposes.
Flag Snap – Hardware that allows for easy attachment or removal of the flag to the flagpole.
Flash Collar – A type of cover placed at the base of the flagpole.
Halyard - The rope or cable used to affix the flag snaps to the flag for raising and lowering. Can be placed externally for convenience or internally for security. Choosing an external or internal design is among the first choices you will make when buying a flagpole.
Sling Assembly – A beaded cable assembly used on internal halyard flagpoles to secure the lower end of the flag to the flagpole.
Truck Assembly – The pulley mechanism atop the pole that guides the halyard as the flag is being raised or lowered.
Wall Thickness - Flagpoles are hollow shafts. You must choose the appropriate thickness of the walls for proper strength and durability based on wind speed and other requirements.

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